General reservation conditions:

1.0 Reservation:
1.1 Reserve of this house occurs by means of Internet or telephonically.
1.2 By reservation, you will receive by mail or by post an invoice en an reservation contract, which you must send back signed.
1.3 We request you, when you will do the reservation, to send us an amount of 30% of the whole hiring amount on our account, which must have been added within 10 days after the charge on our account.
1.4 After reception of your advance payment we directly send you your charge affirmative by mail or by post.
1.5 As long as to above charge conditions is not satisfied, the hiring period of the house will not be reserved.
1.6 Hiring periods will be at any time a temporary hiring.

2.0 Payment:
2.1 We request you, at the charge satisfy, to put an amount of 30% of the whole hiring amount on our account, which must have been added within 10 days after the charge on our account.
2.2 The remainder of the hiring amount must have been added on our bank account at the latest, 21 days for commencement of the hiring period.
2.3 If the lease is closed within a period of 31 days in front of the hiring period, the complete hiring amount must be added on our bank account directly.
2.4 If the chargeable amount has not been added on our account within 14 days for commencement of the hiring period, the agreement considered have to been cancelled. In this case the landlord will charge the annulment costs at you, as written under point 3.0.

3.0 canceling:
3.1 Every annulment must be made recognizable to us by mail or by post.
3.2 At an annulment of 6 months or more for commencement of the hiring period, a complete refund will take place of the payed amount, minus the charge costs which has been made for the administration of the charge.
3.3 At an annulment, in a period of 3 months up to 21 days for commencement of the hiring period, annulment costs of  60% of the total hiring amount will be charged at you.
3.4 At an annulment of 21 days for commencement of the hiring period, the complete hiring sum will be charged at you. Also the whole hiring amount is charged at you when the agreement have been cancelled. (point 2.4).
3.5 At premature suspension of the stay, the complete hiring amount remains chargeable to the landlord. Also when only 1 or several persons leave the stay.
3.6 If the renter cannot use the house go through: wars, strikes, natural disasters, extraordinary circumstances, fire or other circumstances as a result of which the tenant cannot use or cannot use on time the house, all, the costs are at the expense of the tenant, in accordance with above points of payment.
3.7 Costs for claiming the annulment costs will be for the account of the tenant.
3.8 Refund of rents, for whatever reason, will never take place.

4.0 Additional costs:
4.1 Costs of obligatory weekly (end)cleaning the house of € 200,00/week, which must be added up at the hiring sum.
4.2 By reservation, there must be paid (on our bank-account) a deposit of € 1000,00
4.3 The deposit will be refunded after verification during the cleaning after your stay, if it appears that the house is used in a proper manner.
The deposit or a portion thereof, will not be refunded if it appears that the house is augmented dirty, the furniture or equipment is not in place, the refridgerator or dishwasher are not empty, the garbage is not taken away, the BBQ is not cleaned, things in or around the house are broken or destroyed, or that other deficiencies where found in or around the house.
4.4 Upon your arrival, you have to inspect the house in the state in where you find the house. There will be a document for signature. You can post comments on this document or write down you miss things in the house, what you’ve discovered during your inspection. It is not permitted to leave the house without inspection! This can have consequences for the deposit.
4.5 You are required to report cases in the house which are broken or missing. We would like to keep the house complete for new guests. We can complete the missing things.
4.6 The rent is including the costs of gas, water, electric and tourist tax.

5.0 Insurance:
5.1 The tenant has been obliged third party liabilities insurance to have concluded, which is valid during the hiring period.. In the case this insurance has not been concluded, we will put the tenant personally responsible for all the damage.
5.2 The tenant has been obliged to have for himself  a travel and a cancellation insurance, which will cover the annulment costs. If the tenant not will have such an insurance, the tenant will be put personally responsible.

6.0 Obligations of the tenant:
6.1 The house is suitable for maximum 8 persons. Children of more than 4 years of age will be  considered as a person. More persons may not use this house.
6.2 House animals have not been permitted in the area of the house.
6.3 In the house may not be smoked under no condition. Also outside we dissuade smoke you strongly. The surroundings are extraordinarily flammable. Should the house or the surrounding of the house be put in fire by handling by the renter, then the costs of all damage to the properties of the owner and the damage for third parties are, as the additional costs of all damage at the expense are all of the tenant.
6.4 At the use of the barbecue, we indicate on the fire danger in the surroundings and the the house isselves. Also for this are considered the main points as called under point 6.3.
6.5 In the months of June, July, august and September cannot be used the fireplace concerning fire danger. Also for this, are considered the main points as called under point 6.3.
6.6 The tenant will accept the house in the state in which it has been at the arrival an as described such as these on the internet site. He will inhabit the house as a neat occupant, as if were it its own house.
6.7 Furniture and goods must remain in the spaces, in which these are found. Furniture and goods cannot placed outside of the rented house. Moved furniture and goods will be put back at the end of the hiring period at their place.
6.8 The tenant will, throw no objects, fluids or other things in wash-hand basins, toilets, bath-tubs, showers and evacuation wells, as a result of which hide piping or chemically polluted can touch. The costs for remedying among other things the constipations are the costs of the tenant.
6.9 The landlord accepts no liability for the impact of accidents and health in which form thus, in around or in the immediacy of the house.     
6.10 At the key transfer at the end of the hiring period, the house and everything what there by hears, are checked on damage and presence, by the key administrator.
6.11 the crockery must be placed after the hiring period clean in the castes. The dishwasher must have been emptied. The household rubbish must be brought in the area intended dustbins for that.
6.12 The coverlets, the pillows and the mattresses have to be left clean behind after the hiring period by the tenant. The possible cleaning cost of these goods will be extra charged at the renter.
6.13 Linen is included. Hand-and kitchen linen should be brought by you yourself.
6.14 No substances which could made explosions or fire danger are introduced in or arround the house.
6.15 When a bottle of gas for the cooking stove is empty, the key administrator must be informed directly. You must give the key administrator the occasion to connect a new bottle.
6.16 Tenants must give no trouble for neighbours. The tenants have to leave the house, without restitution, when the key administrator think the neighbours are in its right.
6.17 In the area cannot be camped, whenever in which form. Also not with a camper!

7.0 Swimming pool:
7.1 The swim water and the swimming pool will not be polluted by the users, in which form however. All costs for replaced swim water or for cleaning the swimming pool will be compensated by the tenant. Furthermore even destruction at the HydroDeck and the robot.
7.2 The swimming pool can be only entered after you have rinsed yourself thoroughly under the outside shower.
7.3 Swimming in clothing, with exception of swimsuits has not been permitted.
7.4 When swimming pool does not become used you must close the Hydrodeck of the swimming pool. This Hydrodeck serve also as a guard persons who will fall into the water, to a weight of 100kg.
7.5 If the Hydrodeck of the swimming pool are opened, the tenant is entirely responsible for the security of the users. Parents must watch their children in this case very well. The landlord recognised in none of the cases, with or without Hudrodeck, liability for accidents of persons in and around the swimming pool.
7.6 The swimming pool is regularly cleaned. The tenant serves to offering the key administrator the occasion for cleaning the swimming pool.
7.7 If there must take place a  pollution of the swim water should take place there, then the tenant is requested to remove this himselves, or if need, he will inform the key administrator of this pollution.
7.8 If by any reason, the installation of the pool should fall out or is defect and the water in the swimming pool has algae formation or turns unusable in some other way, out of the fault of the landlord, it will be considered as force majeure and there will be no refund of rental payments. The landlord will make every effort to resolve the defect quickly, to the extent of its capabilities.
7.9 The tenant becomes the swimming pool as if were it requested its own use swimming pool.
7.10 The swimming pool is not suitable for children without swim experience or children without accompaniment.

8.0 Obligations of the landlord:
8.1 The tenant obliges himself, within 48 hours after arrival in the house, to inform the key administrator or the owner of all possible lacks and/or deviations.
8.2 All the complaints should be dissolved as soon as possible by the owner or the key administrator, if there should be a solution or when it will fall under the rent conditions.
8.3 The landlord obliges himself, after has been met all put conditions, put the house available for the hiring period as agreed with the renter.

9.0 Arrival and departure:
9.0 The arrival is on Saturday after 17:00 h, unless differently has corresponded.
9.1 The departure is on Saturday for 10:00 h, unless differently has corresponded.
9.2 It is possible in mutual consultation with the key administrator to make an appointment concerning earlier or later deliver of the luggage on the day of arrival or the day of departure. You can not enter the house during the final cleaning.

10.0 Disclaimer:
10.1 The owner spends extreme care on this Internet site and the reliability and topicality of the taken data. In spite of all carefulness it is possible that inadequacies and incompleteness is not always prevented. The owner is not responsible for obvious errors or inadequacies.
10.2 This Internet site contains hyperlinks to other Internet sites which are property of and/or are managed by third parties. About this, the owner has no control. The owner is for this reason not responsible for and accepts absolutely no liability for the correctness, completeness and update of (the contents of) these Internet sites, nor for availability of it, nor for the fact or the information which is made available by or by means of these Internet sites legally can be used.
10.3 This Internet site as well as the contents of this Internet site are the intellectual property of the owner of villa “Coucou les amis”. The copyrights rest at the owner and can not be used without the authorisation of the owner, irrespective of the used medium.

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