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Arriving on Corsica:
  1. By ferry: Bastia, Porto Vecchio, Properiano, Ajaccio, Calvi and Ile Rousse
  2. By plane: Bastia, Calvi, Ajaccio and Figari

From Calvi, lle Rousse and Bastia:

  1. From Calvi and Ile Rousse direction Bastia (N1197, N193).
  2. From Bastia, the N193 and the N198 in  the direction Bonifacio passing Aleria and Solenzara.
  3. Keep on driving until you reach the centre of Sainte Lucie Porto Vecchio, then you turn left.

From Ajaccio, Properiano, Figari and Porto Vecchio:

  1. From Ajaccio and Propriano direction Sartene and Bonifacio (N196).
  2. Junction to Figari, on the left direction Porto Vecchio.
  3. At Porto Vecchio follow the route to Bastia.
  4. Keep on driving until the centre of Sainte Lucie Porto Vecchio, then you turn right.

From Sainte Lucie the Porto Vecchio to les Hauts the Capicciola, Lot no. 3:

  1. From Sainte Lucie the Porto Vecchio, follow the winding road to Pinarellu.
  2. In Pinarello you turn right,( the little church is on you right) you pass a cemetery, follow the road direction San Cipriano and Villata.
  3. Shortly after the road sign Bacca, you will come to a junction. There you take a  turn to the left.
  4. Pass camping Villata and lake the first road to the left.
  5. Almost at the end of this street you will find Lot no.3 at your left.

How to get to the beach:

  1. You will get to the beach of Villata in about 8 minutes on foot. From the back of the garden you’ll follow a footpath, crossing camping Villata, which is allowed.
  2. To the beach of Pinarellu it is about 5 minutes by car.
  3. In the area there are many more beautiful beaches like Saint Ciprien, Palombaggia, La Testa and Santa Giulia.

Shops in the vicinity:

  1. In Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio you will find a baker, a butcher, Spar supermarket,  the Postoffice, a shop that sells papers, magazines etc. and a gas station.
  2. In Porto Vecchio you will find a Geant Casino, Leclerc, Weldom. In the historical centre are boutiques, shops that sell local products, and tourist shops.

Restaurants in the vicinity:

  1. Pinarellu
  2. Porto Vecchio
  3. Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio

Winegrowers in the vicinity:

  1. Fior di Lecci: to the right side just befor entering Lecci, direction Porto Vecchio. You will see a wine-cask  at  your right. You can taste and buy wine and other local products.
  2. Torrachia: from Saint Lucie the Porto Vecchio in the centre of Lecci to the left. After approximately 1.5 km to the left you’ll see the entrance to the winehouse.

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